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Expanding Horizons: Building Global Literacy in Afterschool Programs (2009)
Our Price: $10.00

Expanding Horizons: Building Global Literacy in Afterschool Programs is a new guidebook on strategies and resources on how to integrate global literacy—international knowledge, skills, and perspectives—into afterschool and summer programs.
Creating a Chinese Language Program in Your School: An Introductory Guide (2006)
Our Price: $10.00

The first of its kind, this introductory handbook instructs school districts and parents on establishing Chinese language programs. Key sections include elements of a successful language program, finding Chinese language teachers and connecting readers to professional resources.
New Skills for a Global Innovation Society: Asia-Pacific Leaders Forum on Secondary Education in New Delhi, India (2008)
Our Price: $7.50

A 2008 Asia Pacific Forum report from India, focusing on access to education, teacher quality, technology, and other pressing topics in education worldwide.
Interweaving Cultures: Islam in South East Asia (A Guide for Teachers and Students) (2007)
Our Price: $15.00

A book about the history, land, peoples, beliefs and cultures of the majority Muslim areas of Southeast Asia. The book includes scholarly essays, images, thematic maps, lesson plans and a CD. It is one of several Asia Society projects designed to foster the study of Islamic communities in Asia as an important and little-studied part of Asia in history and today. The guide is intended for use by teachers in high schools and in introductory college courses.
States Prepare for the Global Age (2005)
Our Price: $10.00

How can state governments and state departments of educations serve as levers of change to improve international studies in K-12 schools? This report provides an overview of the critical importance of international knowledge and skills to U.S. competitiveness, including extensive analysis of selected state initiatives.
Schools for the Global Age (2004)
Our Price: $10.00

What are the skills and knowledge a student needs for success in the 21st century? What types of schools teach those skills? This report presents a range of schools working to develop internationally literate students and includes a summary of best practices and resources.
Asia in the Schools: Preparing Young Americans for Today's Interconnected World (2001)
Our Price: $5.00

Read the June 2001 call to action and recommendations on how to infuse international studies in American schools. Our students deserve--and our nation can afford-- nothing less.