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New Skills for a Global Innovation Society: Asia-Pacific Leaders Forum on Secondary Education in New Delhi, India (2008)
Our Price: $7.50

A 2008 Asia Pacific Forum report from India, focusing on access to education, teacher quality, technology, and other pressing topics in education worldwide.
A World-Class Education: Volume 2 (2007)
Our Price: $12.00

Asia Society and The George Lucas Educational Foundation are pleased to release this DVD, the second in the series. This is an updated film on the importance of international knowledge and skills in the 21st century. It outlines steps that schools, communities, and policymakers can take. Shorter features highlight exceptional school and education program models.
Chinese in 2008: An Expanding Field (2008)
Our Price: $1.00

A state of the field report on how the United States is doing in developing the human capital needed to engage with China. Includes information on schools, teacher training institutions, and more.
States Prepare for the Global Age (2005)
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How can state governments and state departments of educations serve as levers of change to improve international studies in K-12 schools? This report provides an overview of the critical importance of international knowledge and skills to U.S. competitiveness, including extensive analysis of selected state initiatives.
Learning in a Global Age: Knowledge and Skills for a Flat World (2007)
Our Price: $1.00

A report from a multi-sector meeting in Beijing to discuss how to prepare students for a global age.  Participants, including Ministry officials, business and technology leaders, education innovators, and scholars engaged in focused discussions on today‚Äôs shared challenges and innovations in education worldwide. Learn about the findings.
Putting the World into World-Class Education: State Innovations and Opportunities (2008)
Our Price: $1.00

U.S. states have been working individually and collectively on initiatives to integrate international knowledge and skills into schools. This paper provides examples of state-led innovations to promote global learning in schools.
Asia in the Schools: Preparing Young Americans for Today's Interconnected World (2001)
Our Price: $5.00

Read the June 2001 call to action and recommendations on how to infuse international studies in American schools. Our students deserve--and our nation can afford-- nothing less.